I would like to point out that Sakura’s storyline conveys the best message in the entirety of Naruto

That though you may have been born with nothing going for you other than a little bit of talent, if you work your ass into the ground and cultivate your skills beyond the point everyone expected them to reach and get back up even when you are so tired you can barely stand, then one day

you’ll be able to strike a god




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Welcome to the Wild West

PD asked fans to keep quiet. Then SJ started leading fans to make noise



Cr: 阿飘_everyday好开心

our relationship in one sentence.

I Want to speak!!


MAMACITA full track album

MAMACITA: is an urban new jack swing song that has drum sounds from Indian percussion and piano melody that sounds like DJ remix
Shirt: co-written by member Donghae has Latin feelings and percussion sound. The lyrics are witty as they express manliness that a man feels when he wears a shirt
Island: is a retro R&B ballad with sensitive harmony. The song adds to its specializes with its lyrics about the friendship between the members of Super Junior as well as the friendship with fans
Midnight Blues: an old school R&B soul song about longing for an ex-lover after breakup
Evanesce: a dance song with lyrics that compares a love that will soon be disappearing to a daydream
Raining Spell for love: an R&B pop song about what a man feels after a break up
This is love: an uptempo R&B song about a simple and sincere love
Let's Dance: disco funky song about breaking away from daily life and becoming free
Too Many Beautiful Girls: a medium tempo song about a man who is happy that there are so many beautiful girls in the world
Mid-season: a medium tempo song that compares feelings for an ex-lover to changing of seasons
Source: Donga
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


get to know me meme:kpop edition

↳ 1/?? favorite male biases: Lee SungMin 

"We all have one life to live. Trying isn’t bad although it’s hard. I’ll do it until the end. Please watch me. I’m not going to lose."

don’t worry hae, we promise to always light our blue lightsticks for SJ :’)


the fact that zhou mi was the first SJ member to tweet about the mamacita teaser is simultaneously the cutest and saddest thing ever.

mimi, i wish you (and henry) could be there with them! thanks for your everlasting support and sunshine!

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